A friend of mine wanted to take a cooking class and I recommended Dish Cooking Studio to her, where I’d enjoyed taking two classes on previous occasions: “brunch entertaining”, and “Simply French.” I’ve successfully adapted recipes, and skills, that I learned from these classes to my everyday life, and so it was with great anticipation that we signed up for the French bistro cooking class. A little bit of history here: The term “bistro” comes from the Russian word “quick.” According to an urban legend, during the Russian occupation of Paris in 1915, Russian soldiers who wanted quick service would demand “bistro.” The French bistro menu of the evening: Mussels in tomato Pernod cream sauce Sweet onion and Gruyere soup, a lighter adaption of the classic French onion soup Beautifully marbled onglet steak from Cumbrae’s, with Bearnaise sauce Bistro frites Dark chocolate and hazelnut mousse with berry coulis   […]