I have itchy feet. Can’t stay in one place too long without booking my next trip. As will become increasingly clear through my blog, I have a particular devotion to Paris – which I’ve visited four times. French food, in my opinion, is the best in the world. Most people who’ve never stepped foot in France, or even in a French bistro outside France, may scoff at the size of the portions and the pretentious service. As with everything, there may be some kernel of truth to the stereotype. But in my opinion, the reason why French cuisine is lauded around the world is because they keep things simple and let the food speak for itself. See the image of one of my favourite meals at Brasserie Bofinger in Paris. On the left, Chateaubriand steak with frites et haricots verts (green beans). On the right, magret de canard (duck) […]