“Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else”

–Gloria Steinem

Mary Nersessian joined CTV’s online news team in 2004. As news producer in recent years, she has spearheaded CTVNews.ca’s coverage of everything from royal unions and babies to the Summer and Winter Games to the Olympics of the news world, federal elections.

Mary Nersessian currently works at CTVNews.ca as a news producer, where she assigns and edits a team of writers and manages homepage content, among her many duties. No day is like the other, and that’s how she likes it.

Her appetite for online journalism was first whetted while reporting breaking news for thestar.com while working for the crime desk at the Toronto Star.

Her taste for web journalism further sharpened while working at The Globe and Mail, where she covered the 2004 federal election and also worked for the arts section and national desk.

Mary cemented her reputation with exclusive interviews of student strippers who paid their way through college and university; victims of the SARS crisis who hung up on other seasoned reporters; the mother of Martin Ferrier, one of Canada’s most notorious criminals, who admitted to her that she would shoot her son if he arrived on her doorstep; cultural heavyweights such as directors Mira Nair and Denys Arcand, and pop culture icons such as author Charles Frazier and bad-boy chef Gordon Ramsay.

Her work has appeared in the The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and Quill & Quire magazine, the Independent newspaper, and Wish magazine.

Mary holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Toronto’s Ryerson University and a post-graduate book publishing certificate from Ryerson’s Chang School of Continuing Education.