Bacon and Egg Candy

I cannot take credit for this delightful idea, I found it – where else – on Pinterest. Indeed, there were many versions but I liked this one the best.

How cute would this be as the dessert at a breakfast or brunch party?

Truth be told, I wasn’t hopeful that this would be as tasty as it was cute.

But something about the crispy, savoury, salty pretzels offset against the sweet of the chocolate really makes this an addictive treat.

At first I thought I would be able to take the discs of white candy melts and somehow melt them individually on a pan so that they kept their round shape. I soon realized this was ridiculous and took the suggested route.


  • Yellow Smarties (or for my American readers – M&Ms) picked out of one bag
  • Pretzel sticks – buy one bag and use what you need
  • White candy melts or white chocolate chips – I used about half a bag of a 14 oz Wilton candy melts

Makes about 24 but it will depend on your preference for its size I liked them quite small


  1. You can either use the double boiler method – or take the easy way out. Using a microwave-safe bowl, place the candy melts and zap them in 20 second increments, mixing the candy melts in between. Don’t keep microwaving until it’s fully melted. You want to see a bit of solids still in the bowl, and mix it until it’s the same liquid consistency.
  2. Now you have to work fast. Take a tablespoon and place blobs of the melted candy on parchment paper laid on cookie sheets. 
  3. Smooth them out a bit  – but not too thin so that they don’t split easily once they solidify. Use up all the melted candy before you start putting the pretzel sticks and Smarties on top.
  4. Place the cookie sheets in the fridge to firm them up, about 20 minutes at least. After they’re ready, you can keep them at room temperature in an airtight container.

Substitutions: None, but I was thinking green Smarties or M&Ms would make for an adorable Green Eggs and Ham-themed treat!

Would I make this again? Yes, I think this is an easy way to make something crowd-pleasing.

Grade: Five stars out of five.