I’d never been a huge fan of panna cotta. If I was at an Italian restaurant, I’d much rather have the tiramisu than the panna cotta. Or the bombe oozing with Nutella. I used to always think panna cotta was too boring, too safe. I was so very wrong. And this, this recipe is a revelation. I considered not blogging about it all because the secret would be out. That one of the best desserts I’d ever made is so incredibly easy to execute. Easy, and stunning, too, in its simplicity. But not boring. Never boring.¬†You can find the recipe from David Lebovitz’s blog here. I’d made this some time ago but winter didn’t seem the right time to blog about it. Indeed, I’m writing about this now because the weather is finally warming up and it’s a lovely end to a summer meal. Even better in my books: If […]