This ain’t no Black Forest Cake recipe. Just saying, before you freak out… ‘Cause anytime I tell someone I Black Forest Cake I’m met with horror and disgust. Am I really the only thirty-something in North America who will admit to loving Black Forest Cake? Hands up if you’re with me… *Crickets* Anywho, let’s move on. But before we do I need to warn you: this is one heckuva multi-layered, multi-step cake. Give yourself some time. I decided to make this for the holidays and it’s a good thing I started a few days early because there is no way I would have completed this in one day, or even two days. I wanted to try this for Christmas as it would be a refreshing alternative to those typical flavours we encounter over the holidays: pumpkin, spice, peppermint, peppermint. And to be brutally honest, I just wanted to make those […]